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Featured Coatings:

FGI-391 is an extremely unique ultimate performance single component Anti-Ice Release coating.  It is formulated for ease of application in the field or at the point of manufacture. FGI- 391 provides a very low coefficient of friction which provides a more difficult surface for moisture molecules to bond

FGI-8000 - COOL PAVE COAT - Heat Island Reduction Coating
FGI- 8000 will remove the Heat Island Effect found in urban parking lots, parking garages, city streets and road surfaces. Very High Reflectivity to lower temperature and extend substrate life.

FGI-4440 - Corrosion/Waterproof Coating for Roofs
Insulation Properties: Stops Thermal Shock Impervious to heat, through very high reflectivity and very high insulation. Impervious to water penetration. Blocks water permanently. Adheres to all roof surfaces.

FGI-6500 - Corrosion Protection Coating
Easy to Apply by Brush, Roller, Spray or Dipping on Dry or Wet substrates.
Extreme Adhesion to Substrate, adhering to almost any clean surface including: aluminum, wood, metals of all types, plastic, brick, glass, transites. Extremely Durable Wear Surface.



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