Featured Coating: FGI-410:   Concrete Protection Coating

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FGI - 410 is an extremely unique ultimate performance concrete protection coating. It has yet to be equaled in performance. A 100 percent solids content epoxy coating especially developed for masonry surfaces. FGI-410 is twice as resistant to abrasion as concrete. When concrete floors are poured, most of the excess water exits the slab through the top. This always produces a weak surface due to the high water to cement ratio present on the top of the slab. Furthermore, any bubbles in the concrete work to the top, but are often unable to break free, and thus remain just under the concrete surface. The FGI -410 is a fast-curing coating. The FGI - 410 effectively stops water from coming through the slab. It adheres to the concrete stronger than the concrete, it is virtually impossible to pass water through the coating in either direction.

  • Easy to Apply by Brush, Roller, or Spray on Dry or Wet substrates

  • UV, Weather, Chemical, Salt and Abrasion Resistant

  • Extreme Adhesion to Substrate

  • Extremely Durable Wear Surface

  • No Top-Coat necessary

  • Contains No Zinc, Lead or Chromates

  • Typical Applications: Concrete floors and walls, decks, stairs, steps, patios, ceilings and equipment of industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. Also the interior or exterior of tunnels, concrete tanks, silos, elevators, airplane hangers, garage floors etc.