Featured Coating: FGI-391:   Ice Release Coating

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FGI-391 is an extremely unique ultimate performance single component Anti-Ice Release coating. It is formulated for ease of application in the field or at the point of manufacture. FGI- 391 provides a very low coefficient of friction which provides a more difficult surface for moisture molecules to bond. FGI-391 has tested down to 0.035 which is excellent for a water base material. FGI-391 also has a rating of 3.6 on the Centrifuge Adhesion Test (CAT) as performed at the Anti-Icing Materials Laboratory (AMIL). This is the highest rating for a permanent water based coating. FGI-391 is not silicone based as silicone based materials have problems with UV degradation. FGI-391 when properly applied leaves a film over the surface that reduces the chance of ice forming on the surface. If during extreme temperatures the moisture can freeze quickly, FGI-391 provides a minimum holding surface for the ice particles. In turn a slight vibration, pulse or movement will dislodge the ice, releasing the weight and tension from the substrate. In many cases, the weight of the ice alone will cause it to drop or fall from the surface. FGI-391 will bond to many substrates in a wide variety of climate conditions. FGI-391 is extremely UV stable. FGI-391 can be recoated as often as needed, no special preparation is necessary other than to clean and dry the surface to be coated. By reducing the coefficient of friction, water drops, snow, or ice will have less ability to hold onto the substrate, thus slipping off from the top surface of contact. While many coatings will micro crack and break down upon extended exposure to UV, FGI-391 does not have this problem. Designed for ease of application and durability in a single component formula, FGI-391’s cutting edge technology is continually tested under extreme conditions, both in the laboratory and in the field, with excellent performance. FGI-391 provides a very cost efficient coating with high-end performance.