Featured Coating: FGI-375:   Anti-Algae/Marine/Anti-Graffiti

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FGI-375 Clear Ceramic - Anti Graffiti

      Clear Ceramic Overcoat. Thin layer provides long lasting protection.

      Uses: Street and Municipal Signage; Anti-Graffiti; Fuel, Hydraulic Tanks; Construction equipment, Frames, undercarriages, dump truck beds.


FGI-375 Anti Algae

      Wastewater treatment facilities. Dries to tight, slick surface that algae cannot adhere to.

      Uses: Prevents algae build-up at water treatment facilities. Easy maintenance.


FGI-375 Marine - Power Point Slide Show  (download slides)

      Provides Ships Increased Performance, reduce drag, reduce maintenance, anti-cavitation, anti-fouling protection on fiberglass/metal hulls. Barnacles and algae can't stick to surface

      Uses: Ship Hull and propeller.

FGI – 375 is an extremely unique ultimate performance Clear Ceramic Coating in a construction, industrial grade mar-resistant satin (low-sheen) clear thin-film coating designed as a top or finish coating with excellent adhesion to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, paints, and powder coated substrates. This coating resists solvents, fuels, paints, and reduces cleanup on surfaces and was also formulated to act as anti-graffiti and/or release coating on buildings, walls, and highway signs, etc.

FGI-375 out-performs other construction, industrial grade mar-resistant clear coatings while being applied at only up to 2.0 mils. The thin film disposition of the material eliminates the need for masking of close tolerance fittings.

FGI-375 is designed for ease of application, extreme performance, and durability in a single component, ambient cure system.