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FGI - 6500 is an extremely unique ultimate performance corrosion protection coating. An epoxy resin polyamide coating especially developed to withstand extreme corrosive and abrasive conditions which quickly destroy conventional type protective paint coatings. FGI 6500 was originally developed to prevent corrosion to steel surfaces. The chemical, abrasion and undercreep resistance characteristics of this product have proven so outstanding that it is considered to be the least expensive method to prevent corrosion. This product has been in constant use for over 40 years in applications as diverse as offshore platforms to subways. FGI - 6500 is designed for adhering to almost any clean surface including: aluminum, wood, metals of all types, concrete, plastic, brick, glass, and transites.  The few surfaces FGI-6500 is not recommended for are Teflon, high-plasticized vinyls, polyethylene, and silicone rubber.  FGI-6500 has excellent anti-corrosion qualities and hardness yet it remains extremely flexible so as not to crack. This is the ultimate corrosion protection on hot steam pipes that have much expansion and contraction of the metal. The flexibility of the FGI-6500 prevents it from cracking.   Outdoor durability and color stability is excellent. FGI-6500 is extremely Weather, UV, Chemical, Salt, and Abrasion resistant providing for an unsurpassed durable wear surface with superior adhesion properties that promotes a nearly indestructible coating surface. FGI - 6500 requires little surface preparation thus reducing the time, labor and the TOTAL cost of your project.


ASTM Test Battery:

ASTM B117 500 hour Salt fog test Passed

ASTM D-2240 Hardness 97 Shore Durometer

ASTM E108-91A UBC32-7 Class A Fire Rated

ASTM D-638 Tensile Strength 3850 PSI

ASTM E-96 Water Vapor Transmission 0.372 perms

ASTM G-53 500 hour accelerated weathering test, bend double with no cracking, highly flexible

ASTM 1640, D-92, D-1644A, D-2196, D-696, D-570, C-836, D-1652, D-1259

Flexibility is retained in subzero conditions (down to 92 F)

Features & Benefits

  Easy to Apply by Brush, Roller, Spray or Dipping on Dry or Wet substrates

  Can be applied over Wet Surface and remain under water

  Very Little Prep Work over Rusty Metal

  UV, Weather, Chemical, Salt and Abrasion Resistant

  Extreme Adhesion to Substrate, adhering to almost any clean surface including:   aluminum, wood, metals of all types, plastic, brick, glass, transites

  Extremely Durable Wear Surface

  No Top-Coat necessary

  Contains No Zinc, Lead or Chromates

  Typical Applications: Marine environments, structural steel, welding repair, scaffolds, automobiles, truck beds, tanks, pipes, industrial and farm equipment, lawn mowers, snow plows, air conditioner parts, concrete floors and walls, decks, stairs, steps, railings, walls and ceilings of subways and any metal surface.


Application Methods

FGI - 6500 may be applied by brush, roller, or spray. Surfaces should be free of loose rust, mill scale, paint, grease, oil and of any other film-forming foreign material. An example of the prep work needed is to water blast with high-pressure (3,000 psi MIN) water to thoroughly clean off all debris, dirt, and other contaminates. The result shall be to have a clean tight substrate. Optimum results are obtained if the surface is dry although entirely satisfactory protection is obtained if the surface is damp and/or wet. Surplus water should be removed to prevent excessive bubbling of the coating. No primer is needed on metal surfaces thereby reducing total job cost. Airless spray is the most efficient application method for larger projects. Brushes and rollers may be used for detail work such as edge termination, filling of voids, pinholes, and small cracks.


MIXING: Prior to combining Part A and Part B, mechanically mix Part A pail and Part B pail for 2 minutes, then thoroughly mechanically combine and mix (1 to 1 ratio) 1 Part Base (part "B") with 1 Part Activator (part "A") for 5 minutes in the 5 gallon pail (or for 1 minute in one gallon pail), with a power mixer until all streaks and/or lumps disappear and the mixture has uniform color and consistency. Be sure to allow mixing blade to rub on sides and bottom of container to recombine any settling. Allow to stand (or ingest) for 45 minutes to one hour before adding thinner or beginning application. Use of thinner increases possibility of sag and reduces dry film thickness. Thinner also retards cure time. For best results, use just as it comes from the pail. However, thinner (use new lacquer thinner) can be added to the product with no harm to the coating. Thinning will necessitate applying more coats to achieve the desired mil thickness.

Any overspray and equipment must be cleaned immediately with acetone, toluene, xylene, or MEK.

FGI-6500 is 60% solids. Approximate Pot Life: 4 to 6  hours at 80 F. Drying time 1 to 2 hours at 80 F. Curing time: Initial: 8 hours at 80 F, Complete: 3 days at 80 F. Apply 5 mils (.005 inches or 0.127mm) wet to achieve a final dry mil thickness of 3 mils (0.003 inches or 0.076 mm). FGI-6500 will cover approximately 320 square feet per gallon at 3 mils thickness. If second coat is needed wait till first coat is tacky dry, usually one to two hours in 80 F, The second coat may be applied at 3.5 mils (0.0035 inches or 0.089 mm) wet to achieve a dry mil thickness of 2 mils (0.002 inches or 0.05 mm). This second coat will cover any voids in the surface due to a very rough surface. Max of 10 mils (0.01 inches or 0.254 mm) can be applied per coat without runs if necessary. An example of the suggested Spray Equipment: Graco 5900 with 0.021 to 0.031 tip size with 3000 PSI capability and typically a reversible self-cleaning tip. Remove all filters from gun and hose, including bung hose.

Use in well ventilated area; if not possible, use a NIOSH approved self contained breathing apparatus or vapor filters on a mask. Protective gloves and safety glasses must be worn at all times. Only very high abrasion will remove the coating. Caution: With the extreme adhesion characteristics of this product all safety procedures must be followed.

Customers should consult FGI on all special requirement installations. 

Storage Stability & Shelf Life

The shelf life of FGI -6500 is one year when stored in original, unopened container. Store cans in a well ventilated and covered area away from extreme heat and moisture. Please contact your FGI representative if you have any questions about product usability.

Additional information is available at www.fginternational.net

Health, safety and environmental information are provided for this product in the Materials Safety Data Sheet. This gives details of potential hazards, precautions and First Aid measures, together with environmental effects and disposal of used products. Before using the product other than directed, please contact FGI for consultation.

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